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16 Summer Grilling Recipes

It’s prime grilling season, and we’ve collected the recipes for it. Of course we’ve included some of the hits—steak, shrimp, and eggplant are favorites for a reason—but if you’ve never grilled romaine lettuce or kale for a salad, or a piece of stone fruit for dessert, now is the time to give it a try.


Grilling bread—be it a crusty rustic loaf or flatbread, regular or gluten-free—is a highly underrated move. It lends flavor, looks beautiful, and adds a little something to otherwise simple toppings and dips.


Most fish benefits from quick and hot cooking methods, like grilling. Whole fish, shrimp, and not-too-flaky types, like salmon, halibut, and mahi-mahi, are sturdy, forgiving options that won’t fall apart on you.


Even if you only sporadically eat meat, the time to go for it is when it’s prepared over an open flame. Using high-quality meat and cooking it properly on the grill means that you won’t need much else beyond salt, fresh herbs, and some citrus.


Think beyond the standard grilled veggie platter and zhuzh them up with really bold seasoning or condiments. Romesco, harissa, mint, and red chili work pretty universally on summer produce, so feel free to experiment.


The taste and texture of grilled food can bring a lot to a salad, especially when you add a bright and tangy dressing or vinaigrette.


Because you really can grill it all. The ultimate way to end a BBQ. Just be sure to clean off the grill grates so that you don’t get any savory bits in your dessert. And if you have slightly underripe or flat-tasting fruit, grilling it will amplify the sweetness of the fruit and caramelize the natural sugars.