2023 GMC Sierra HD MSRP up at least $1,000

Once Chevrolet bumped up the 2023 Silverado and Silverado HD MSRPs by $1,000, there was no reason to think luxury cousin GMC wouldn’t do the same. The proof is here, pricing for the 2023 GMC Sierra HD up on its configurator with premiums of at least $1,000 over 2022 models. As we mentioned of the Silverado, the Sierras have also tracked with the price increases we mentioned in reference to the Chevrolets; the 2022 Sierra 1500 has run up $4,700 over its cost last October, the 2022 Sierra HD is $4,100 more than it was when it hit lots last summer. That puts a 2023 Sierra HD 2500 Regular Cab long bed with two-wheel drive and the 6.6-liter V8 gas engine at a starting price of $42,995 after the $1,795 destination charge, $1,000 beyond the 2022 pickup. At the top, a Crew Cab long bed Denali with four-wheel drive and the 6.6-liter Duramax V8 starts at $83,845, which is $1,250 more than the same rig from the 2022 model year.

Moving up a weight class to the Sierra 3500, the price of entry starts $1,000 more than before at $44,195. The big bad boy 3500 Denali 4WD dually starts $1,200 more than before, at $86,245.

The situation’s a bit cloudier when we step down two classes to the 1500. GM Authority got the price sheet for the 2023 Sierra 1500 and reports that prices are up $1,000 on most trims, but $900 up on the Denali Ultimate and $1,900 up on the AT4. GMC hasn’t uploaded the configurator for the 2023 trucks yet, and GMA‘s price sheet is hard to parse against prices on the 2022 configurator because the end of the model year and supply chain issues have translated into mandatory discounts that can’t be accounted for. For instance, the 2022 Sierra 1500 Regular Cab standard box in entry-level Pro trim has an MSRP of $40,000, yet the configurator shows the total vehicle and options price as $39,950. After the $1,795 destination charge, that comes to $41,745. Then there’s a mandatory package discount of $1,500, taking the final price before any other fees to $40,245. Meanwhile, GMA’s paperwork shows the 2023 price starting at $40,020 after destination, which isn’t $1,000 more than any figure on the configurator.

At the top end, the 2022 Denali with the Crew Cab, standard box, 4WD, and 6.2-liter V8 comes out to $71,695, only because the front and rear park assist and steering column lock aren’t fitted, resulting in a $100 discount. In this case, there is a $1,000 difference based on GMA’s paperwork showing the 2023 price as $72,795 once the temporary discounts are reapplied. We’ll know more when GMC announces new pricing or the configurator goes live. Until then, in this as with all else, it’s safest to bet on needing more money to buy a Sierra next year.

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