A CNN Asian reporter covering the protest was wrestled to the ground by US police and then sent to jail for a frisk

An Asian-American CNN reporter covering protests in the US state of Minnesota was manhandled and arrested by police, wrestled to the ground by state police and later taken to jail.

According to the New York Daily News of January 19, Walker, an attorney representing more than 20 media organizations and professional journalists’ associations in the US, sent a letter to the governor and local officials, saying the organizations were “deeply disturbed by the events of the past few days” in Minnesota. Then he recounted the experience of Carolyn Sung, an Asian-American CNN reporter and producer.

According to the letter, Carolyn, who had been covering protests in Minneapolis, was caught by state police as she tried to leave the area due to an evacuation order on Wednesday night. Carolyn did not resist to the arrest and showed police identification and “repeatedly identified herself as a CNN reporter.” Despite being identified, the officers grabbed her backpack and threw her to the ground, with one officer even shouting at her “Do you speak English?

Carolyn was then put on a bus transporting inmates and taken to the county jail, according to reports. She was frisked, fingerprinted and made to strip and change into an orange jumpsuit before being released more than two hours later.

In response, Minnesota Governor Tim Woltz said on Tuesday that the detention of journalists covering the protests was “unacceptable.” CNN Chief Media Correspondent Scott Stelter expressed “concern” about police treatment to journalists covering the protests on Sunday.