Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition reservations open tomorrow

The good news: If you decided you must have the 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition, Acura would like you to know the reservation system opens tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time, 10 a.m. Pacific time. The not-exactly-good news: Acura doesn’t yet want you to know the price. All the automaker would say about MSRP is that it’s “expected to be in the low-to-mid $60K range.” That doesn’t strike us as an unreasonable premium in relation to the standard sedan’s $55,000 starting price, when the PMC Edition is built like an NSX, comes in NSX colors and exclusive color combos, and is limited to 300 units. We have to admit, however, that the times we live in have warped all our reference points.

Now for the bad news: Acura is releasing the run one color at a time, so today’s reservations will only be for the 100 units of the Curva Red special model. Another 100 examples in 130R White can be reserved at an unknown time on November 9, the final 100 in Long Beach Blue can be reserved on December 8. In an age when mass-market makers can’t build enough vehicles and buyers are paying 5% or more over sticker for a Honda or a Hyundai, we can already imagine the carnage headed to the Acura website when the horde moves in to fight for 100 spots. If you want this car and you have a lamp, now’s the time to start rubbing the lamp. 

All PMC Edition cars get a Berlina Black (also an NSX shade) painted roof, antenna, and door handles, the quad exhaust finished in black chrome instead of the bright chrome that comes standard. You get the same Y-spoke 20-inch wheels as the regular Type S, finished in a new copper paint. There’s a carbon fiber lip spoiler in front, a carbon fiber decklid spoiler, a rear diffuser in the same weave, alongside glossy black side sill garnish and model badging. 

Inside, carbon fiber trim keeps the cabin on brand, accessorized with illuminated side sills, unique Type S-badged floor mats with color-matched edging, and serialized plaques on the center console. The Curva Red sedan gets an Ebony black interior with red stitching. Long Beach Blue cars get an Orchid (cream) interior with blue stitching. The 130R White cars will get a red interior. Occupants recline in Milano leather seats with Ultrasuede inserts, driver and passenger able to adjust them 16 ways. 

Similar to other Acura PMC cars, this one is put through the same quality control checks as the NSX, including a dyno check, rough road simulation, and paint inspection. They’re also given special coverings for transport to the dealer and delivered in enclosed single-car carriers. As we find ourselves saying with disappointing frequency: Good luck.

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