Bowlus Heritage Edition travel trailer unveiled as entry-level model

California-based travel trailer manufacturer Bowlus has unveiled a new model called Heritage Edition. Positioned at the bottom of the firm’s range, the Heritage Edition camper features a sleek-looking exterior design, a luxurious interior, and a surprisingly light weight.

Visually, the new trailer falls in line with other Bowlus models. It’s characterized by a tapered design and bodywork that consists of riveted aluminum panels. Satin silver (called “mill finish” in Bowlus-speak) is the standard color, it’s a tribute to the trailers that the company made in the 1930s, but buyers can order a Matte Black or Satin Gray wrap at an extra cost. This is the first time Bowlus has offered a wrap option.

The Heritage Edition tips the scale at 2,900 pounds in its standard configuration, a figure that makes it the lightest full-size travel trailer in production according to the manufacturer, and it was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. It offers a 600-pound carrying capacity, and it stretches about 27 feet long, 80 inches wide, and eight feet tall. Inside, adults up to 6’4″ can stand up without hitting their head.

Standard equipment includes a two-kilowatt-hour battery used to power the trailer off the grid. Buyers planning on spending an extended period of time away from civilization can order the optional Power Package I, which adds a second battery, a 2,000-watt inverter, solar panels, Bluetooth power monitoring, and an off-grid air conditioning system capable of running for about four hours. If that’s not enough, the Power Package II includes a 3,000-watt inverter, an additional battery, and eight hours of air conditioning, among other features.

Bowler notes that you can spend a week and a half in the Heritage Edition when it’s equipped with the second option package. If you want to stay at least somewhat connected, a Technology Package includes a cell booster, a 5G router, a rear-view camera, and tablet mounts.

Regardless of how it’s configured, the Heritage Edition offers an upmarket interior with a dining area, a sofa that folds into twin beds that can sleep four, and a king-size bed in the back. Buyers have several other options to choose from including bedding and an awning.

On sale now, the Bowlus Heritage Edition carries a base price of $159,000.

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