Electric Porsche Boxster spied for the first time

Porsche confirmed to the world earlier this year that the 718 Boxster and Cayman are going electric by the middle of this decade. Today, we present to you the first spy shot proof of such transition in the form of an electric Boxster prototype.

Our spy shooters say they caught the electric Boxster on a test circuit, and the particular test car captured appears to be a relatively early stage prototype. There’s no mistaking the EV as anything but an electric Boxster, but the details are still quite shrouded in misleading and cobbled-together camouflage work.

The above said, there’s a whole lot to go on here looking at the proportions of this Porsche. Its wheelbase and overall length already look larger than the current generation 718 twins. That could very well be in an effort to fit a large enough battery pack in the car. Despite the appearances, there could be some deception going on here in the form of artificially extended overhangs, shrouding the true shape and design of the front and rear bumpers. For a Boxster, both front and rear overhangs look unnaturally long.

Electric Porsche Boxster spy shots

To point out some details in the rear, the electric Boxster appears to be getting a full-width rear taillight. Also, that little exhaust cutout you see in the center on the bottom is rather hilarious, as it’s just a fake plastic-looking insert — this tester is most certainly a pure EV. The rear proportions themselves are strong with stout rear fenders hiding some seriously meaty rubber. We’ll also note that you see two different prototype testers in these shots. One is rocking what looks to be summer performance tires, and the other is shod with winter tires over different wheel designs. The brakes on display under those wheels are rather large and feature drilled rotors.

Nitpicking on details and every last thing you see here is very likely best reserved for future spy shots when some of the camouflage gets torn off and more of the production car is revealed. For now, enjoy the first glimpse of the future for Porsche’s traditionally mid-engine sports cars.

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