Ford Maverick spotted on U-Haul lots in Florida

There was a period of time in 2020 when people heading on vacation couldn’t find cars to rent or found that what they considered already unreasonable rental prices had skyrocketed. Clever renters found their way to U-Haul, which offered vans and pickup trucks for a modest $20 per day. Now, the rental truck giant is offering the new Ford Maverick for $20/day at a time when everyday buyers can’t find any units for sale. Users on the Maverick Truck Club forum (the image above from user desousa90 is used with permission) made the discovery.

How you feel about this likely depends on whether you’re waiting on a Maverick order. If you haven’t ordered a truck and don’t care about inventory, this is just another pickup sitting at your local U-Haul (maybe). If, however, you’re either waiting on your truck or hoping to get in line for one (you can’t), you might feel a little salty.

Regardless of the Maverick’s availability, the compact pickup is undoubtedly a solid utility vehicle. The truck’s bed is almost four inches lower to the ground than an F-150’s, making it much easier to lift in heavy gear, and there’s still plenty of space for appliances, furniture, and other large items. There’s also a significant fuel economy benefit to renting a small truck. The standard U-Haul GMC Sierra 1500 delivers around 20 mpg on the highway with four-wheel drive, while the Maverick’s hybrid powertrain returns 42 mpg city, 33 mpg highway, and 37 mpg combined.

We don’t know how many U-Haul locations offer Maverick rentals, but the forum posts all appear to be from Florida. The truck is listed on some U-Haul location pages and not others, including some in the areas forum users reported as having seen them.

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