Ford reportedly offering $2,500 for Bronco buyers to change orders

When Ferrari has a two-year-long waitlist, as it does for the Purosangue, no one considers it a problem except the people unable to get their names on the waitlist before Ferrari closed the order book. When Ford Bronco buyers who reserved the SUV in July 2020 don’t see their truck built until December 2022, and forums have 74-page threads with waiting customers enduring multiple delayed shipping dates and still trying to figure out where their long-overdue trucks are, that’s a problem for customers, Ford dealers, and the automaker. No doubt Ford’s working as hard as it can on building more Broncos, but CarsDirect reports that’s not the only effort Ford is making to clear the backlog. The outlet says it saw a dealer bulletin called “2023-Model Bronco Cancel Order & Purchase Replacement Offer” about giving 2023 Bronco buyers $2,500 to either change their Bronco order to a configuration that could be built sooner, or cancel their order and buy another Ford.

Buyers who insist on staying with a Bronco can get the $2,500 if they cut the options facing severe holdups, being the molded-in-color hardtop, the Lux Package, and the Sasquatch Package. Customers who ordered the Bronco Wildtrack, which sits below the top-level Badlands in the regular lineup, can also get the money if they switch to move down to the Big Bend, or Outer Banks trims, or up to the Badlands so long as the new order doesn’t include the constrained features. CarsDirect didn’t explain why the Wildtrack gets this dispensation, it’s possible the trim has been especially popular.

Reservation holders ready to give up on the Bronco will save $2,500 on any new order — not dealer inventory — of most 2023-model-year trims of the Bronco Sport, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, or Ranger. The F-150 Tremor and Rattler are among the trims excluded from the offer. If going with something in dealer inventory, the discount offer includes choosing a Bronco off the lot, includes all of the above models as well as the Tremor and Rattler trims, and opens up access to the Mustang and the Maverick. Based on what CarsDirect noted, the only Fords left out at that point are the EcoSport, Mustang Mach-E, and Transit vans.

The bulletin says the offer is open until April 3.

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