Honda recalls Ridgeline pickups to address rearview camera issue

Honda is recalling more than 115,000 Ridgeline pickups to address an issue that plagues those who actually use their trucks to do truck things. Per the company’s notice to NHTSA, opening and closing the tailgate on 2017-2019 model Ridgelines can damage a wiring harness that carries the signal for the rearview camera, rendering it inoperable. 

The issue stems from inadequate protection of the wires in the rearview camera (RVC) harness, the company’s defect notice to NHTSA said. A protective corrugated tube surrounds the wires and is held in place by a zip tie. In some cases, Honda says, the zip tie may not hold the protective layer in place (or there may not be enough tubing to protect the exposed length of wire). Either way, it can wear, become exposed and break. Field reports of damaged or broken wires began to reach Honda as early as 2018. 

Some customers who experienced this issue outside of warranty may have been billed for a repair. Honda says it will reimburse those customers and fix trucks covered by the recall free of charge. Notifications to owners should circulate starting in January. 

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