Mercedes and Superplastic reimagine the nodding dog toy

Not everything at CES is particularly high-tech. For example, Mercedes has turned its attention to something quite low-tech: the bobblehead toy. More specifically, it has focused on the famous nodding dog toy that has graced the dashboards and parcel shelves of cars for decades. Apparently it originated in Germany in 1965 as the “Wackeldackel.” And with toy and apparel brand Superplastic, the two companies have reimagined the toy as a character called Superdackel.


The result is an upright, but still small, pup who’s all dressed up. And he appears in an animated short starring a couple of Superplastic’s characters that steal a Mercedes for a joyride, and discover Superdackel was inside the car when they took off. They have a series of adventures over the course of the night. In addition, the companies created an 8.2-foot statue of Superdackel to display at CES.

That’s as far as this joint project has gone, but the companies said more is coming. Almost certainly there will be a run of collectible Superdackels for fans of the brands. I mean, how could you not create a bobblehead of Superdackel just to bring the whole idea full circle?

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