Mexico police find tiger cub hidden inside trunk of vehicle

A tiger cub was found inside the trunk of a car (photos from the El Marques police) driving through El Marques, Mexico, according to a report today from the BBC.

The cub was being transported in between luggage of the SUV, and in addition to the tiger, El Marques police found four guns and almost 100 rounds of ammunition. Upon stopping the vehicle for what police say was a “minor traffic offense,” the couple harboring the tiger reportedly acted aggressively toward the police, prompting the search of the vehicle.

Tiger found in trunk

Before police found the tiger, though, the couple attempted to flee the scene. They were promptly stopped and cut off, leading to their arrest. It’s not illegal to own a tiger or exotic pet in Mexico, so long as you have the right paperwork to prove you’ve attained it and are keeping it lawfully. The BBC speculates that the tiger being hidden away could have been because it was related to drug traffickers buying exotic pets. This cub could very well have been on its way to the compound of some drug boss in Mexico who paid a large sum of money for it.

Thankfully, the tiger cub is now being cared for by animal experts, according to the BBC. The plan is to return it to the cub’s natural habitat, wherever that may be.

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