Next-gen Toyota Tacoma teased for possible reveal next Tuesday

There’s a new Toyota Tacoma coming, and it’s coming soon. A teaser posted to Toyota’s Instagram page today hints at an April 4 reveal date and provides a grainy look at the next-gen truck.

You need to look closely at the image above to make out both of the Easter eggs hiding in the photo. We’ve cropped in on the pertinent parts of the image below for easier viewing.

You’ll notice that the license plate’s number is a date, reading “040423.” That sure reads like a date to us, and it makes perfect sense. April 4 will be Tuesday next week, or as Toyota may want to refer to it, Taco Tuesday. It’s only right that we get a new Tacoma on a Tuesday. Additionally, 4/4 is known as 4X4 Day among off-road enthusiasts — both Jeep and Ford are known to outwardly celebrate it, but Toyota may be crashing the party this year.

The other part of this photo that almost seals the deal for a reveal next Tuesday is seeing a grainy truck off in the distance. It’s almost surely the new Tacoma, as it’s been intentionally blurred out to mask any details. We can tell it has a big, proud grille, vertically oriented headlights, a flat hood and appears to be painted in a light gray color.

Look out for more teasers as we lead up to 4/4, and start getting excited to see the new Tacoma.

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