Nismo boss: Nissan plans an ‘inspiring’ hybrid or electric sports car

Nissan has had its ups and downs in recent years, but the automaker hit the mark with its overhaul of the Z, so there’s hope for the brand in the future. Nissan just released its latest EV, the Ariya, and has plans for other electrified models, apparently including a future Leaf.

Nismo is a division of Nissan Motorsports, and it will play a significant role in developing a new electrified performance car for the brand. Nismo’s CEO, Takao Katagiri, told Autocar that Nissan is developing a new sports car for North America and Europe. He said of the UK, “this region is very, very special for us, especially for performance cars. So one thing I can say is, please wait. We are going to introduce an inspiring model to the UK market under the Nismo brand.”

Katagiri told Autocar the vehicle would come in hybrid and electric formats, but we’re likely to see hybrids hit the streets first. Company executives had previously told the publication that a performance EV would require solid-state batteries – a technology that is years down the road at best. Nissan could have solid-state batteries ready by the end of the decade, but it may be years before they’re ready for a sports car.

Nissan just released the new Z, but its other iconic sports car is going away after 2023. The GT-R will be discontinued, leaving the automaker without a halo performance option in its catalog. A hybrid or electric sports car would fill that gap for Nissan, and electric motors could open the door to even crazier performance for the brand.

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