Nissan recalling 463,000 vehicles over emblems that can become projectiles

Nissan is recalling nearly a half-million vehicles because the Nissan badge on the steering wheel could detach and injure the driver if the airbag is deployed in a crash.

The recall is worldwide, but the vast majority of the 463,472 vehicles in the recall are in the United States. Most of the vehicles in question are 2008-2011 Frontier midsize pickups. The recall also covers Titan pickups and Xterra, Pathfinder and Armada SUVs from those same model years. Some Quest minivans from 2008-09 are also involved, as well as about 11,000 spare parts on dealer shelves.

Nissan says it has four reports of injuries from the badges, which are supplied by Sweden’s Autoliv.

“Owners with a loose, cracked or missing emblem should contact their local authorized Nissan dealer for diagnosis. If inspection deems remedy is needed, a limited number of parts or alternative transportation may be available,” Nissan spokesman Stephen O’Neil told Automotive News.

The company hasn’t developed a fix yet. Customers in the recall will be alerted by mail in April, then a later letter will send them to a dealer for service.

Given the age of the vehicle population involved in the recall, current owners might not be the original owners and could get overlooked in the notification process. If you own one of these models, you should check NHTSA’s recall VIN search tool in April to see if your particular vehicle is affected.

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