Porsche gives its configurator a facelift, so go try it out

The Porsche configurator appears to have just received a facelift, and since it’s a Friday, that means you’re legally obligated to go waste an hour clicking through to build that dream Porsche. Don’t feel guilty, though — you’re just following our lead.

This new layout is a big change versus what Porsche used previously. Instead of the column on the right full of drop-down menus with seemingly unlimited options, the whole page scrolls you down through a bunch of different sections with far more (and better) photos to depict what exactly you’re selecting. In case you missed it last year, Porsche added its Paint To Sample program to its configurator. While the option links you out to another site that holds all the paint options, you can still click through for any of Porsche’s models to see what that 718 Spyder or Taycan GTS Sport Turismo would look like in Ultraviolet … or any of the other 100+ pre-approved options. It’s only $11,430 to select a PTS color!

The real beauty of the refresh is that Porsche includes so many more detailed photos of all those weird options that nobody should ever select, but you want to see regardless. That $470 option to cover the steering column in leather? Yup, check it out in detail. Same goes for the key fob painted in the exterior color with a leather carrying pouch — again, only $470. You can even see the custom color of deviated stitching for the interior or the color of the headlight cleaning system covers to know what that may look like. Should you put Python Green covers on a Carmine Red 718 Boxster? Well, that’s for you to decide.

For those who might’ve preferred the easy-to-scroll nature of the right side rail full of drop-down boxes previously, Porsche retained a shortcut route to specific sections. It’s just on the top left now and can be expanded when you want it to. 

Anyway, here’s the link you want — get building.

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