Recon Power Bikes partners with GMC on AWD Hummer eBike

Want the ultimate two-wheeled companion to your new GMC Hummer EV, or maybe you just want something electric and all-wheel drive without the Hummer’s price tag? Recon Power Bikes has you covered with its new Hummer EV e-bike. Not convinced? Well, hear the specs before you bail. You might be surprised. 

Recon’s new offering is marketed as “all-wheel drive,” which our resident two-wheeled expert and consumer guru Jeremy Korzeniewski tells us is quickly becoming conventional nomenclature for dual-motor electric bicycles. Hey, if you’ve got two wheels and both have motors, it’s technically correct, even if it sounds a bit silly to those of us who prefer the comforts of a cage and four wheels on pavement. 

Each of the two motors produces 750 watts, which combines for just a little over 2 (two!) horsepower, but remember, this is a bicycle, not a sport bike. And flipping the coin, that lone pony is accompanied by more than 118 pound-feet (or roughly a 1.8-liter Miata’s worth) of torque. Recon says its top speed is north of 28 mph, which is plenty quick for something that you might see strapped to the same hitching post as a 30-year-old Huffy. The base battery offers 17.5 aH of capacity; an upgrade bumps that to 21. Recon says the total range should fall between 40 and 50 miles. The package is rounded out by an adjustable front suspension, four-piston hydraulic brakes, puncture-resistant 4-inch all-terrain tires with molded-in liners and Shimano gearing. 

Recon says the Hummer e-bike offers “on-demand” AWD (rear by default; both when called upon) and even offers three fixed drive modes — “Cruise” (rear wheel drive, for maximum range and efficiency), “Traction” (front wheel drive, for navigating with low grip) and “Adrenaline” (for “off road all wheel drive dominance of the toughest, steepest terrain”). “Adrenaline” mode even offers real-time torque vectoring, just like a real Hummer EV. The two vehicles are basically the same, only the bike weighs just 96 pounds, not more than 9,000. 

Look for the Recon Power Bikes GMC Hummer e-bike to hit the market in early December with a starting price of $3,999. That may sound steep, but keep in mind that QuietKat’s Jeep eBike costs nearly double that. 

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