South African company builds the world’s first armored Jaguar I-Pace

When you think of armored cars, the presidential “Beast” limo and large SUVs likely come to mind. What you might not consider is that as the auto industry transforms itself to produce electric vehicles, we’ll start seeing more armored EVs. A South African company has a leg up in this area with the release of the first armored Jaguar I-Pace.

Armormax has offices around the globe, but its home base in South Africa is responsible for developing the armored SUV. Jaguar South Africa worked with the company to produce the I-Pace, and the work to add protection does not void or change the warranty.

Armoring a vehicle tends to add a ton of weight, but Armormax says the I-Pace takes advantage of its in-house materials. The company claims its protection material is the lightest in the world and notes the use of high-grade ballistic glass. The I-Pace offers a B4 ballistic protection rating, which covers handguns up to a .44 Magnum and shotguns. Armormax added run-flat tires and an external intercom system.

We don’t know if Armormax will offer the I-Pace outside of South Africa, but it likely won’t be cheap if it does. The U.S. I-Pace starts at more than $71,000, and that’s before buyers add any of Armormax’s impressive upgrades. The company offers gas masks, ballistic riot shields, bomb blankets, and more. If Bond-villain features are your thing, Armormax will sell you smoke screen systems, electric-shock door handles, and a road tack dispensing system.

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