Test your HOA’s patience with this 1986 E-One Cyclone fire truck

If you entered the new year with a fire-truck-sized hole in your collection, you’re in luck. Auction website Cars & Bids is selling a 1986 E-One Cyclone fire truck complete with sirens, lights, ladders, hoses, and a water pumping system, and this life-sized toy is offered with no reserve.

This isn’t a home-made replica; it’s a real fire truck that reportedly started life as part of the Hartford Heights Fire Department’s fleet. It wasn’t driven much, its odometer displays about 29,400 miles, and it’s configured as a pumper so it’s equipped with a Hale Products water pumping system and it comes with all of the hoses needed to put out a fire. It also has sirens and flashing lights, though the roof-mounted light bar is gone, and it can seat you and four friends if the two you like the least don’t mind riding in the rear-facing jump seats installed behind the cab.

Moving such a massive vehicle requires a massive engine: This truck is powered by a 9.0-liter turbodiesel V6 built by Detroit Diesel (which was part of General Motors for decades, joined DaimlerChrysler in 2000, and is now part of Daimler Truck) and bolted to a four-speed automatic transmission. It’s rated at roughly 335 horsepower, which isn’t asking much from nine liters of displacement, and a mountain-moving 957 pound-feet of torque. The exhaust system has been straight-piped, which is a pretty unexpected but pretty cool modification.

How will your friends, family, and homeowner association (HOA) react after seeing a straight-piped fire truck casually parked in your driveway? There’s only one way to find out: Head over to Cars & Bids, where bidding currently stands at $5,500 with two days left in the auction. There’s no reserve, so the highest bidder when the timer reaches zero will start the year with a big, red addition to their collection.

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