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The things Soros the most regretted

Financial crocodile (George Soros) is 90 years old. He has won and lost in his life trading, but he rarely regrets it. However, he said frankly on Tuesday that he had done one thing wrong and regretted it, that is, he invested in the big data company Palantir in the early days. It is about the company’s assistance to the US government’s operations and surveillance. Soros believes that it violates his “open society” political philosophy, so he is selling stocks “regardless of price.” Behind this turmoil is also the conflict of ideas between the two generations of “business philosophers.”

Palantir is the world’s most eye-catching and most controversial big data company. It was founded in 2003 by the legendary Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel (most people probably hadn’t heard of Big Data at the time). The first funding came from venture capital under the CIA. Fund, and the company’s largest customer so far is still the US Department of Defense, so it is regarded as inextricably linked to the US military.

he main service of this mysterious company is to provide an operating system to help customers integrate disorganized and even scattered data in different databases into information that helps decision-making (its system is like Microsoft Windows in the desktop computer era), which is temporarily unique. Did not meet competitors.

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