This all-terrain tool helps workers move heavy objects with ease

Workers who are required to venture into the wilderness often meet difficult challenges. One of the big ones is trying to figure out how to move heavy equipment through undeveloped land. The use of animals is too often inhumane and using heavy machinery like trucks and helicopters can be expensive. Track-O Cross-Country from Movex Innovation is an all-terrain remote-controlled tracked machine designed to help workers in hard-to-reach areas. Track-O can maneuver on snow, water, mud, and sand to reach its destination. With a max speed of 44 feet per minute and a loading capacity of 2,292 lbs, Track-O can climb 40-degree slopes and has a 9-inch ground clearance. The RC-tracked mover can be fitted with a crane attachment, lift table, loading platform and more. It has a minimum of 2.5 hours of runtime on a fully charged battery, with an 8.5-hour charge time. Learn more 

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