Toyota’s custom cars for SEMA ready for rally, drag and more

Having completed its line of GR sports cars this year with the introduction of the 2023 GR Corolla, Toyota wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to show what can be done with them for SEMA. In addition to the Corolla, the GR86 and GR Supra got the custom treatment this year, and the styles of cars include most every kind of sporty driving: rally, drift, drag and road racing. Let’s check them out.

GR Corolla Rally Concept

This one (shown at top) might be our favorite of the Toyota cars on display. The GR Yaris might’ve been the car designed for rally racing internationally, but the bigger and more powerful GR Corolla we get is just as deserving. Plus, the Corolla name has rally heritage, with Castrol-liveried examples racing in WRC in the late 1990s. This car isn’t exactly designed for world rally, and it lacks the Castrol colors, but it’s still cool and ready for dirt and gravel. It’s based on the Circuit Edition trim, and the body is the obviously updated part. It has widened steel fenders that add a total of six inches of width. They have functional vents, and the aero improvements are completed with carbon fiber side skirts, front splitter and rear wing. Tein rally coilovers are fitted along with 17-inch OZ wheels with chunky tires. The engine is mostly untouched besides a high-flow intake and Magnaflow exhaust. Transmission and engine oil coolers are fitted for extended racing use, and a Wilwood handbrake setup is in place for tight corners. The interior is mostly stock except for the roll cage, racing seats, fire suppression system, spare tire mount and rally intercom. So actually not that stock.

GR Supra 10-Second Twins

We didn’t even say that Toyota owed us a 10-second car, but we got two. The company wanted to show what was possible with the car with a “modest” budget of $10,000 (obviously in addition to the cost of the car). The Toyota Motorsports Garage team applied this requirement to a pair of Supras, each with the same set of modifications. The straight six gets a single turbo conversion from Pure Turbo, along with dual intercoolers, a cat-less downpipe, 3.5-inch exhaust and an ECU tune. The changes bring the output up to 620 horsepower and 590 pound-feet. Weld wheels are used front and rear, with fat, 305-mm Mickey Thompson ET Street drag tires at the back, and skinny ones at the front. The rear axles have been upgraded, and it gets a new radiator and transmission cooler. The suspension was upgraded with adjustable coilovers, but the brakes are almost stock save for new Hawk brake pads. Inside, the only changes include a six-point harness and a harness bar.

GR86 Daily Drifter

This GR86 drift car was put together by automotive and motorsports photographer Larry Chen. It’s designed to be a goo balance between a drift car and something that can be used for the regular commute. It makes around 300 horsepower with the addition of an intercooled supercharger kit from HKS along with a MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust. The engine gets better cooling with an upgraded radiator. The suspension has lots of adjustability with new coilovers, control arms, anti-roll bar end links and a steering angle kit. A 1.5-way limited-slip differential is helpful for getting the car sideways. Additional braces stiffen the chassis. The interior features a Sparco racing seat and six-point harness, plus a Vivid Racing steering wheel and short shift kit. The exterior looks race-ready with a Seibon carbon fiber hood, and a bunch of carbon parts from HKS including the front splitter, side skirts, rear valence and wing. It’s finished off with Motegi wheels, Type S underglow and a custom vinyl wrap.

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