Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Gallery | Dogs, weird stuff, bikes and more

The Woodward Dream Cruise, while largely full of American muscle and American classic cars, is also full of the odd and weird. Frankly, there’s no predicting what folks have hidden away inside their garages, so seeing them out and about on Woodward is always a blast. This year’s edition that runs between Ferndale, MI and Pontiac, MI just wrapped up, and we have everything you might want to see from the cruise in our mega galleries.

Beyond the weird and odd, this Dream Cruise mega gallery is full of all the bikes, dogs, and anything else that might not fit in an easily defined bucket of American classics or imports. You’ll see plenty of epic Donks, low-riders, scooters, mopeds, bikes, unicycles and essentially everything else in between. Woodward on Dream Cruise day is an anything goes kind of day. It’s part of what makes the event so special and keeps us coming back every single year.

Of course, we’ll have other galleries with the classics, exotics and foreign cars of the day. Plus, there’ll be a whole mega gallery full of trucks this year. Click through above to get a few laughs and/or “awes” in as you take in the oddest and cutest things we saw cruising along Woodward Ave.

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