Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Gallery | Exotics and foreign cars

While the Woodward Dream Cruise may be best known for its American muscle and classic cars, the car community as a whole shows up for this single day of epic cruising. That means we get our fair share of foreign cars and exotics from all over, and frankly anything else you can think of.

This year’s cruise saw folks cruising in their Porsches, BMWs, Hondas and plenty more. We also saw our fair share of exotics. McLarens were practically everywhere, but tons of Ferraris and Lamborghinis showed up, too.

If you’re new to this whole Dream Cruise thing, know that it’s an annual event that takes place on Woodward Avenue in southeast Michigan. The cruise runs between Ferndale, Mich., and Pontiac, meaning hundreds of thousands of people line the roadway for miles on end. Traffic moves at a crawl, so the Dream Cruise ends up being a massive, slow-moving car show.

If you want to see more than the foreign and exotic cars of the show, make sure to check out our other galleries. Classics and American muscle can be found here. All the trucks you could ever want to look at are here. And lastly, we have a gallery showcasing all the weird stuff, dogs, motorcycles and more.

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