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Over the past few years, it has become more and more clear that the Consumer Electronics Show is a car show. And this year that reality is more clear than ever. Not only did established automakers show off seriously important vehicles, but a traditional electronics company brought a car that gives an idea of its intents (with the help of establishment car company). With so many car reveals, we had to rank our favorites.

Our picks for this show are entirely electric. Or at least, they are on paper, since many are concepts. Considering the name of the show, it would be a little strange if they weren’t. In fact, not only are many of our favorites concepts, they all are save for one. See how they shook out below.

5. Volkswagen ID.7

The ID.7 definitely got lost in the crowd at CES. That it was camouflaged definitely didn’t help, even if that camo was electroluminescent (BMW trumped it big time with its color-changing Dee). Nevertheless, this is a close-to-production hatchback-ed sedan, not unlike today’s Arteon, with an extra-long wheelbase courtesy its EV architecture. It should be a solid answer to the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 6, and even if people obviously prefer SUVs now, VW says there is still a market for sedans. I know I’d probably prefer one.” –Senior Editor, West Coast and Reviews, James Riswick

4. Peugeot Inception

“It’s not often that show debuts surprise us. While Peugeot teased the Inception ahead of CES, its unveiling seemed almost incidental. But just look at this thing; it’s like an electric French Mustang with someplace important to be. I don’t buy into the stupid ‘It’s not a wheel!’ thing that Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson described as providing a video-game-like drive experience, but that bit of silliness aside, this is a really promising design study. Give us more of these and fewer tall boxes, please.” –Associate Editor Byron Hurd

3. Afeela by Sony Honda

“Ever since Sony showed off an impressively put-together concept car at CES a few years ago, I’ve been anticipating the company’s next move. Apparently, that next move is “Afeela.” No, I don’t love the name. The specs from Sony’s original concept car give me hope that this prototype sportback (it’s a hatchback!) will be fun to drive, though. Assuming the good bits — front double wishbone suspension, rear multilink independent suspension, dual-motor AWD, sub-5-second 0-60 mph time and fat tires — carry over into production, I think the world is going to be rather pleased that Sony is getting into the car business.” –Road Test Editor Zac Palmer

2. BMW i Vision Dee

“One look at BMW’s current lineup is all it takes to see that the German automaker isn’t afraid to take a styling risk or two. Or dozen. Anyway, just be sure not to look the i7 directly in the face, or you might just turn to stone. So it’s refreshing to see some legitimate restraint in this latest concept mobile. You could argue that it’s boring, that its shape could just as well slot into any number of sales floors, and you’d be right. But when a concept is debuting an e-ink light show to rival the Griswold’s house in late December, flashing colorful panels across a staid canvas isn’t a bad thing. I really hope we see at least some of this color-shifting tech make it into real production vehicles — though I’d hope in much smaller doses than what it showed in CES — along with some of this toned-down sheetmetal.” –Senior Editor, Consumer, Jeremy Korzeniewski

1. Ram 1500 Revolution

“Ram wasn’t the first, but dare we say, it could end up being the best of the electric trucks. It will definitely be worth the wait. The Ram Revolution concept offers plenty of substance – promising major power and range – supported by lots of interesting features. Ram took its time, but this striking, creative concept previews a strong electric future for its signature truck.” –Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore

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