A brand new all-electric boat racing series begins in 2023

Powerboat racing events have traditionally focused on high-speed, gas-guzzling watercraft, but a gradual shift into electrified racing boats is taking place thanks in part to the introduction of the RaceBird, a fully electric powerboat designed to compete in the all-electric E1 Series starting in 2023.

This electric shift is aiming to inspire others to “electrify marine mobility.” The electric RaceBird has a top speed of 58 mph thanks to its 150 kW outboard motor from Mercury Racing. It’s equipped with hydrofoil technology, which reduces drag and maximizes energy. Powering this electric race boat is a 35 kWh battery, which will need to be charged twice during a race. The series begins in 2023 and includes 12 teams competing in 10 events per racing season. Learn more at e1series.com      

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