Aprilia Electrica is a fun, budget electric bike concept

The car industry isn’t the only part of the transportation sector heading toward EVs. Motorcycle companies are headed that way, too. Some are a little more ahead of the curve than others, like Harley-Davidson with its LiveWire brand. But others are laying out their plans, such as Honda and Can-Am, among others. Italian brand Aprilia has just joined them with its idea of a future electric motorcycle called the “ELECTRICa,” which we will refer to as Electrica from here on out.

In classic concept fashion, specifications are slim to none. But Aprilia noted that the Electrica is designed to be a highly approachable and fun motorcycle for people on a budget and who may be new to bikes. It’s apparently fairly small and is supposed to be lightweight. Being an electric bike, it doesn’t have multiple gears to shift through, and that allows for having both front and rear brake controls on the handlebars in an effort to make it easy to transition from a bicycle or scooter to this bike. The low seat and somewhat upright riding position should be fairly comfortable and easy to adjust to for new riders as well.

Aprilia Electrica

The design really pops with its teal accents. It’s a trim, angular bike. Aprilia also notes its triple headlight cluster like its other offerings.

Sadly, Aprilia has given no information as to when we might see a bike like the Electrica on sale. It looks pretty down-to-earth as far as concepts go, so we hope that a production variant could be close. Regardless, the electric motorcycle market should be getting pretty interesting in the next few years.

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