Cadillac Lyriq finally gets a configurator

GM’s been rather deliberate with the launches of its electric vehicles. It’s likely reservation holders and investors aren’t so pleased about the slow march, but with a new technology and the recalls being passed around as if Oprah were giving them out, it’s a smart move. Nevertheless, we’re still shocked it’s taken this long for Cadillac to push a configurator for the Lyriq. It’s here at last with prices and options and everything, in time for the 2024 model year. As a recap, the 2024 Lyriq introduces a new entry-level, rear-wheel-drive trim called Tech that lowers the entry price to $58,590. The middle Luxury trim starts at $62,690, the new Sport trim starts at $63,190.

We should clarify that there still aren’t many options at the moment. The Tech trim offers all-wheel drive for $1,500, one wheel choice, and one interior choice. The three available bundles are a $2,400 Driver Assist Package, a $395 Floor Liner Package, and a $375 Interior Protection Package that might or might not have slightly less fancy floor mats compared to the Floor Liner Package, we can’t tell. As noted before, the Tech trim does without a lot of tech, so features like adaptive cruise control, rear pedestrian alert, HD Surround Vision, and adjustable heated side mirrors all cost extra. The options page makes those look like a la carte options, but they’re all in the Driver Assist Package.

The Luxury trim comes in six sub-variants, being Luxury 1, 2, or 3 in either rear- or all-wheel drive. The optional 22-inch wheel can only be had on Luxury 3. The Nappa leather interior that’s new for 2024 can only be optioned on Luxury 2 and Luxury 3. It comes in two colors, costs $3,990, and also comes with illuminated front door sill plates. Luxury 1 is also left out of the optional 19.2-kW onboard charging module that costs $1,480. The standard car gets an 11.5-kW onboard charger. The Tech trim can’t be upgraded to the 19.2-kW unit. Access to the $1,600 Panoramic Power Sun Roof is limited to Luxury 2 and 3 as well.

The Sport trim mainly adheres to the Luxury template. One unexpected difference is that the black painted roof that comes standard on the Luxury trim can only be optioned on the Sport 3 trim at a cost of $600. 

No ranges are listed except for the Tech trim, estimated at 308 miles in RWD form and 307 miles with AWD. The 2023 Lyriq is EPA rated at 312 miles. 

We spent $83,485 configurator bucks on the Sport 3 AWD in Radiant Red Tintcoat with a black roof. Now that the playground is open, feel free to have a go.

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