Cadillac Lyriq spy photos seem to show high-output AWD model

We’ve known for a while now that the Cadillac Lyriq will get a 500-horsepower all-wheel-drive variant to go along with its entry-level rear-drive version. And thanks to these spy photos, we believe we’ve now finally seen the high-output Lyriq. While not dramatically different, a close look reveals some updates that make this quick Caddy sportier looking.

The most noticeable change is at the front. The lower grille area now features a pair of mesh grilles in a lower, deeper surround. It has a more prominent chin spoiler that extends out to the edges, which visually lowers the car.

The side skirts appear to have slight extensions, too, in order to match the front. This Lyriq is also wearing a set of wheels that hasn’t appeared on any of the standard Lyriq models. And at the tail, the lip spoiler at the trailing edge of the hatch is more prominent than on the standard model.

It seems likely this model, what with its more aggressive styling, will be referred to as the Lyriq Sport, in keeping with Cadillac’s trim lineup of Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport variants. As previously mentioned, this Lyriq probably has the dual-motor, 500-horsepower powertrain promised at the Lyriq’s introduction. It’s possible that Cadillac will also offer the powertrain in a slightly stealthier Premium Luxury trim.

We expect that the all-wheel-drive Lyriq will be revealed within the next year, since it has already been announced.

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