Chrysler shows off new ‘Synthesis’ cockpit demonstrator at CES

As auto enthusiasts, we get used to seeing vehicle exteriors teased endlessly while interiors often remain under wraps until the very last second. And then once a year, CES happens and our focus shifts briefly to glimpses of arguably the single most important part of a car for most drivers: the many touch points between man and machine. Chrysler will be among those offering in-person demonstrations of its vision for future tech, and in this case, a little bit more. 

Chrysler says it will be the standard-bearer for the company’s forthcoming AI-based technologies that can both adapt to driver preferences and automate certain functions — up to and including driving. Chrysler is calling it “Advanced Technology For Real Life” and says it will “create smooth, efficient and connected experiences between the customer and the vehicle.”

The demonstrator itself shows off the next generation of interior materials (“vegetable-tanned, suspended seats wrapped with an arctic upcycled chrome-free soft trim embellished by a unique constellation-style perforation”) and design themes. Chrysler calls it “Harmony in Motion,” but rest assured that it will remain stationary for all of its demonstrations. Its simulation is meant to represent a day in the life of a typical owner. It optimizes the day’s drive routes, coordinates with other smart ecosystems (home, phone, etc.) and even takes the wheel to allow for multi-tasking (simulating level 3 self-driving). 

Check it out at Chrysler’s booth starting tomorrow, Jan. 5. 

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