Ford survey gauges owners’ love of trucks, interest in EV pickups

With the reveal of the 2021 Ford F-150 just days away, Ford has been doing a number of things related to trucks, such as releasing the results of a comprehensive survey of truck owners. It asked them how they used their trucks, what they liked about them and many other things. But the results that really caught our eye were related to what owners would give up before their trucks, and how interested they are in going to electric models.

As it turns out, as silly as the question is, there are a lot of things that truck owners would give up for a year before letting their trucks go. Number one was streaming services, with 82% owners ready to drop them. More surprising was alcohol, which was close behind at 79%, followed by coffee at 71%. The numbers began to dwindle with other choices, though, as just under half of respondents would give up their phone for a year versus their trucks and 44% would give up eating meat. The hardest sell was giving up sex for a year, which only got 38% of owners.

So we know truck owners really love their trucks, but how do they feel about trucks going electric? Nationwide, 40% of owners are “excited” about fully electric pickups, which isn’t a majority, but is still a sizable chunk. While Ford didn’t highlight every state, it did show that the majority of truck owners in California, 62% specifically, are excited for electric pickups. That’s not entirely surprising for a state with consistently high gas prices and plenty of perks for electric vehicles such as access to carpool lanes.

Going deeper, Ford also asked what people would want from an electric truck to get them to switch to one. The top three choices received between 35% and 38% of responses. The most popular of those was the need for an electric truck not to compromise on power and capability. The next popular requirement was that there be enough places to charge their electric truck. Finally, reduced maintenance costs would convince some buyers of a fully electric pickup. If you’d like to see the rest of the survey results, you can check them out in the PDF linked here.

With all the electric truck questions in the Ford survey, we’re wondering if we’ll get some info about the upcoming electric F-150 during the reveal of the new generation full-size pickup this week. We know the electric truck is coming in the next year or two, but the company has been mum on details except for showing a prototype tow a train. Spy shots have revealed a bit more info, such as an independent rear suspension. There’s also a hybrid version in the works, and the interior will have a large available infotainment screen. Stay tuned, since we’ll be obsessively covering the F-150 reveal this week.

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