Honda Civic Type R Pace Car revealed for 2023 IndyCar season

Honda just revealed a new Civic Type R Pace Car for the upcoming IndyCar Series season. This comes hot on the heels of Honda unveiling its CR-V Hybrid Racer sporting an IndyCar engine and hybrid powertrain setup.

The Type R Pace Car isn’t hiding an IndyCar engine under its hood, too, but Honda did upgrade it for better track performance. Its braking system was fully revamped with a Honda Performance Development brake package. This package includes competition rotors, racing pads and stainless steel brake lines — doesn’t sound like a bad option for track days if Honda wants to sell it to consumers. In addition to the brakes, Honda fit four-point racing harnesses and unique graphics on the Type R’s exterior. Honda, HPD and IndyCar logos grace the outside, and the white and red combo suits the Type R nicely.

The only other change made to the Type R for pace car duty is a unique lighting system. You’ll notice a light bar underneath the red Honda logo in the rear and other lights hidden in the lower grille up front. Beyond this, you’re looking at a stock Civic Type R with its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and its basically racetrack-ready suspension.

This Type R Pace Car’s first appearance will be at this weekend’s opening race in St. Petersburg, FL.

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