McLaren 720S is officially dead

Reports of the McLaren 720S‘s death are not greatly exaggerated. In fact, they are completely correct. Following a report from Automotive News, we reached out to McLaren directly, and a representative confirmed that the supercar is no longer in production. The official statement is as follows:

“We are not taking further customer-specified build orders for 720S, but cars are available through our retailer network.”

With the discontinuation of the 720S, the remaining car in the “Supercar” line, as McLaren calls it, is the recently introduced Artura hybrid. It makes 671 horsepower, a fair bit less than the 710 of the 720S. But it seems the Artura will not be a de facto successor, as there’s something else coming.

The McLaren representative couldn’t say anything about that new car, but the Automotive News report went into some detail, citing McLaren’s president of the Americas region. He makes it sound like the follow-up will still be somewhat derived from the outgoing 720S. We’ll be curious if it utilizes the Artura’s hybrid system, but coupled to a more powerful gas engine. We’ve actually seen 720S testers specifically labeled as hybrid test cars, so it seems quite likely.

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