Nissan built a Skyline that you can almost live in

The Infiniti Q50 is pretty long in the tooth, but parent company Nissan is still trying to keep things interesting. In Japan it’s sold as the Nissan Skyline, and a new concept based on the luxury sedan converts it into a space you could actually live in. 

The cumbersomely named Nissan Skyline Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle Concept adds a slew of convenience features that you should never use while driving. When parked, however, they turn your car into a little living room.

For example, there’s a little smartphone holder that folds out from the steering wheel so you can prop your screen up and watch a movie. If that’s too small a viewing surface for you, the center infotainment touchscreen can be removed from its dashboard perch and used as a tablet. And if that’s still too small for you, there’s a screen mounted in the headliner above the rear seats.

How do you watch a screen in that location? Glad you asked. The front seats, headrests, rear bench and passthrough to the trunk all lay flat in one uniform surface sleeping area. When lying down, the screen will be right above your head. And should you get cold, the driver’s door panel pops open to reveal a blanket while the cupholder has a heating element to keep a beverage warm. On the flip side, should you get hot, a button on the inside B-pillar activates the air conditioning so you don’t even have to sit up to access the climate control.

While awake, you can avail yourself of multiple table surfaces located around the cabin. One folds out from the center console like on a business class airplane seat. A detachable sun visor also turns into a table. Then get a little work done by plugging in to either the 100-volt outlet in the passenger side mirror or an on-board portable battery.

Obviously you wouldn’t want to get your nice jacket wrinkled as you lounge in the car, so the grab handle above the door expands into a hanger wide enough to keep your coat uncreased. Other clever storage options include an umbrella compartment in the door sill, a bin located in the headrest, and a hands-free kick-activated locker below the rear bumper where a diffuser would reside. Perhaps most superfluous of all is a trash receptacle located in the driver’s side mirror. You’d still have to empty it when full, but at least smelly garbage would be outside the car.

Oh yeah, there’s one final viewing surface, the largest of them all. Open the trunk and a roll-up theater screen can be deployed, along with a projector for a true movie viewing experience. 

Many of these features can be found on other cars or as aftermarket accessories in Japan. The Nissan concept’s trick is that they’re all built-in, and overlander’s dream in the form a sports sedan. There’s definite appeal since a car, especially one as luxurious as an Infiniti Q50, can be a nicer place to spend time than an actual Tokyo apartment. Just about the only thing that’s missing is a shower and a toilet. 

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