One of Japan’s weirdest cars crashes into Japan’s oldest toilet

If you had to pick a place to crash your car, a public restroom is probably pretty low on the list. Not that crashing anywhere is desirable. Even worse would be if that restroom was a particularly historical one. That’s exactly what happened to a driver in Japan with a weird little Toyota.

According to a police report provided to Japanese news outlet Sankei Shimbun, someone working for the Kyoto Association for the Preservation of Ancient Cultures thought they had shifted their car into drive, but were actually in reverse. The outcome was backing right into the Tosu, at the Tofuku-ji Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto. The Tosu is the large restroom for the monastery, and the oldest toilet of its type in Japan. And that’s really old: the temple, which is a complex of 25 smaller ones, was founded in 1236 and mainly completed in 1255. Reports indicate this awesome 20-hole outhouse is 500 years old.

The crash ended up damaging doors and pillars, but an employee at the temple told Sankei Shimbun that they will be repairing the building. It certainly won’t be the first time the temple has had to be repaired. Multiple times in the centuries since it was built, the temple has caught fire, and most of the buildings have been completely rebuilt at some point in time, though many are still more than a century old. Whether this poor driver will be able to repair his reputation and retain his job are less certain.

Toyota WiLL Vi

But besides the temple, we were surprised to see the car that was involved. In the photo at the top, you’ll see the wrecked car is a Toyota WiLL Vi. It was a compact car with some really funky styling. The rounded shape and the rear window hanging over the trunk are reminiscent of some ’50s cars. But the thick strakes and simple surfacing are much more in keeping with styling of the early 2000s, which makes sense as the car launched in 2000, and was only built until the end of 2001. 

It was one of three Toyota cars made to fall under the WiLL brand, which encompassed all kinds of products from various manufacturers, including simple home goods. The design of these cars was really the strange part of them. The Vi and the more futuristic-looking Cypha, were quirky compacts that used platforms shared with the far more normal Vitz/Echo and the Toyota bB/Scion xB. The Vs was larger and based on the Corolla.

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