One-off Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe headed to auction

It’s still only February, and Porsche’s had so much going on already this year that it’s hard to tell what’s a 75th anniversary celebration and what’s just Porsche being Porsche. There are the expected concepts like the Vision 357 and cosmetic showcases like the 911 GT3 “Tribute to Carrera RS 2.7” Package. Porsche gets to play the hero car in the coming “Transformers” movie. There are rumors of a new Speedster based on the current GT3 debuting at this year’s L.A. Auto Show, which would be epic. And then there are one-off builds like this, the Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe, a collaboration between the automaker and the Porsche Club of America.

After four years of planning and building, Porsche first showed it a year ago — “it” being a 1999 996-series 911 Carrera 2 with a 996.2-series GT3 powertrain and heaps of additional special touches. It will go up for sale this summer when Broad Arrow Auctions hosts the Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction of 75 very exclusive lots.

As a quick backgrounder, Porsche created the first Sport Classic in 2010. Based on the 997-series 911, there were only a few hundred made, we thought it so good we called it “proof that money really can buy happiness,” it cost the equivalent of nearly $220,000 in 2010 dollars, and none of them came to the U.S.

This car is effectively a Sport Classic based on the previous-gen 911. Porsche never made such a car, and the automaker’s Sonderwunsch (Special Request) division won’t make another one of these. Tucked in back is the then-GT3’s 3.6-liter flat-six and its 8,000-rpm redline, howling out 381 horsepower and 284 pound-feet of torque. The GT3 also donated its suspension, brakes, six-speed manual gearbox, and side sills. Sheetmetal alterations count the double bubble roof and ducktail spoiler. The Sport Grey Metallic paint is set off by painted Light Sport Grey Metallic racing stripes bordered by an accent in Club Blau, and forged Fuchs wheels.

The cabin’s Alcantara headliner lords over an interior trimmed in houndstooth and black, with blue contrast stitching. A Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus infotainment system will get the driver where they wish to go, a matching set of luggage will let the driver relax and stay awhile on arrival.

The 75th anniversary auction takes place June 8-10, the 911 Classic Club Coupe being sold at no reserve. Visitors to the Amelia Island Auctions this weekend can view the Porsche on display and prepare to make the necessary calls to Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.

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