Polestar built a showroom out of snow in the Arctic Circle

If Frosty the Snowman should decide to trade in his broomstick for a new car, there’s an obvious place to go to test drive one: a Polestar showroom made of snow in the Arctic Circle.

Formally called the Polestar Snow Space in Rovaniemi, Finland, this 39-foot high cube may be the ultimate in automotive cool.

The all-electric Polestar 2 on display is made of sheetmetal, but almost everything else on display inside is built of snow and ice: sculptures depicting wheels, suspension parts, and brakes. The Polestar Space – there are about 130 “Spaces” worldwide – offers visitors test drives on a snow track. You can’t purchase a car there, since most Polestars are sold online using the “digital first” model.

Constructed with 105,944 cubic feet of snow from the Finnish ski resort of Ounasvaara, the “Snow Space” opened its doors (well, they don’t really open) on January 10. It features 6.5-foot thick snow walls and took approximately 20 days to build. The builder put up special molds for the walls, which were then filled with snow that was compacted. This automotive igloo was inspired by the minimalistic Scandinavian design of the Polestar headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, and built by the Finnish company Frozen Innovation following plans drawn by Polestar architects.

Said Polestar Finland’s Marketing Manager Martin Österberg, “The city of Rovaniemi is known for its wonderful design. We wanted to honor this by creating a beautiful work that was inspired by our brand’s minimalistic and pure design language.”

Guests can visit until February 26, when the cube will be dismantled and the snow returned to the ski slopes. But don’t you cry, Snow Space may be back again someday.

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