Porsche salutes the Carrera RS 2.7 with new 911 GT3 RS Tribute package

Porsche is dropping another lure in its uber-nostalgia fishing pond with a new “Tribute to Carrera RS” package for the GT3 RS. Available exclusively to the U.S. market, this appearance group is intended as a tribute to the original ’72 Carrera RS and is coupled with the Weissach package for the ultimate in performance and desirability, all but guaranteeing these will remain squarely in the hands of diehard Porsche collectors. 

The tribute model was teased by Porsche at The Quail during Monterey Car Week back in August. While the final product looks a bit different (see the following gallery for photos of the original design mock-up), the underlying package remains identical — as does its U.S.-market exclusivity. Porsche has not committed to a production number, but since the concept’s unveiling, the company has maintained that its availability will be limited, perhaps by model year production rather than a fixed number. 

You’ll spot it in a track paddock (or Cars & Coffee parking lot) right away thanks to its enthusiastic application of Python Green — a nod to the Viper Green accents available on the original. It’s found here on the wheels, mirror caps, body-side graphics and “RS” wing logo. Inside, the illuminated door sills and center console are tagged in Python green. The Tribute to Carrera RS also comes with a unique Porsche Design watch, car cover, 1:43 scale models, a custom license plate frame and (for the first time, Porsche says) a unique NFT program. This allows you to collect digital “badges” for attending Porsche races and events and order graphics for the car to match. 

Underneath, the Tribute to Carrera RS is pretty much a standard GT3 RS. The included Weissach package gets you copious amounts of carbon fiber (hood, roof, wing and trunk lid and various interior and suspension components) and forged magnesium wheels. While it’s normally accompanied by visual accents, those have been largely supplanted here by the RS Tribute goodies. You’ll still save quite a bit of weight; the wheels alone save 25 pounds compared to the RS model’s standard aluminum.

The Tribute to Carrera RS Package will be available to order for customers with an existing 911 GT3 RS allocation through a Porsche dealer in the U.S., Porsche said, and it’ll set you back a whopping $314,000 after destination. Yep, you read that correctly. 

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