Radical debuts SR3 XX with new dash and high-tech steering wheel

The SR3 is Radical’s bestselling car, as it hit 1,000 units sold back in 2016 and has continued to reach new customers. It was launched in 2001 and has since gone through a number of iterations such as the SR3 SL road car and the SR3 RSX. The latest is the SR3 XX, and it brings an evolutionary interior redesign that includes a steering wheel with a built-in informational digital display. 

The biggest difference in the SR3 XX is an all-new electrical architecture. Developed with partner AiM Technologies, the XX is the first production car to feature AiM’s solid-state power management and data collection system. The solid-state Power Distribution Module does away with the bulky wiring of the past system and saves about 65% of the weight in doing so. The new system is also able to process electrical data, diagnostics and telemetry much quicker. 

These new technologies are put to use throughout a redesigned interior and dashboard. In addition to a simple center stack that features buttons for the ECU, data, and the lighting, the XX has a racing-style steering wheel with numerous buttons and a digital screen. The build-in LCD displays real-time info for the driver, and Radical says it can be customized with “hundreds of data feed combinations to choose from, with up to four fields displayed at any one time.” 

For power, Radical still relies on Suzuki powerplants. The rear-drive SR3 XX offers the choice between a 1340-cc or 1500-cc four-cylinder engine, both of which pair to six-speed sequential gearboxes with paddle shifters. The lower engine option makes 195 horsepower and touts a 3.3-second 0-60-mph time, while the 1500-cc engine makes 226 brake horsepower and can go 0-60 mph in a claimed 3.1 seconds. The XX also features a Quaife limited-slip differential and an upgraded racing exhaust system. Radical says the SR3 XX weighs only 1,367 pounds and is capable of laterally pulling 2.3 g. 

Additional changes to the track car include new LED lighting, composite side mirrors and new rear wing endplates. A number of options are available to add to the XX, as well, such as tire temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and ride height sensors.

The Radical SR3 XX is available for pre-order today, and the company expects to make its first deliveries this month. Visit Radical for more information.