Ranch dressing-flavored ice cream is headed to Walmart

With so many odd flavor combinations at restaurants and on store shelves these days, it’s getting kind of hard to turn people’s heads. But Hidden Valley might have just found a way.

The company has announced plans to release a ranch dressing-flavored ice cream in conjunction with Van Leeuwen, an ice cream maker that specializes in the unusual. Brave souls will be able to pick up a pint at Walmart stores later this month for $4.98.

It’s going to be a hard flavor to find, despite the retailer’s wide footprint. (Ranch ice cream will be available at 3,500 locations in the U.S.) The unusual blend of flavors will only be sold from March 20-28.

“We know that Hidden Valley Ranch goes with just about everything—pizza, carrots, French fries—but ice cream is a first for us,” Rachel Garrison, Associate Director at Hidden Valley Ranch, said in a statement. “We are so excited to partner with Van Leeuwen, the expert in limited-edition, premium flavors, to bring together this creamy mix of savory and sweet. Insider tip? Top your scoops with crushed pretzels or potato chips for a perfect salty crunch.”

Food Network agrees with that pairing, saying the ice cream pairs best with something salty.

“At first spoonful, I have to say, I was kind of unsure what to think,” said writer Amy Reiter, who got an advance taste. “It was sweet, salty, creamy and strange … with a tang that really did summon to mind ranch dressing, but — what was that flavor doing in my ice cream? … The snacks changed the game, adding a savory crunch that either elevated or masked the flavor — not sure which (or whether it matters).”

This isn’t Van Leeuwen’s first odd pairing. The company also currently offers a malted-milkshake-and-fries flavored scoop and has previously offered flavors ranging from pizza to hot honey to Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Unusual flavor combinations are hardly limited to ice cream either. Last month, Starbucks announced plans to roll out a line of olive oil infused coffees.

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