Space Campers to offer the ultimate convertible Tesla Cybertruck tent

In August, we found out about Montana’s Go Fast Campers (GFC), maker of Swiss army knife pickup bed wedge tents. The tent bed sat on a convertible platform allowing various kinds of reclining as well as an 8-foot standup height inside the pickup bed, the structure’s three locking panels created a topper that also provided shade plus weather and cargo protection, and the pickup bed could be used for its intended hauling purposes with the tent installed. A company called Space Campers is here with the same kind of multipurpose, bed-topping wedge tent for the Cybertruck. The California-based outfit showed renders of its design over the summer. It’s back with a video walkthrough of the feature set and options. These are still renders, so judge accordingly; however, Tesla’s said to be sitting on more than one million reservations for the Cybertruck, so there’s no doubt companies will find the funding to take advantage of demand.

The Space Camper creates a flat roof over the bed with solid triangular wings that fit on the Cybertruck’s sloped bed rails. Pneumatic struts run off the Cybertruck’s battery lift the cap to create the wedge tent. All three canvas sides contain zipper windows, the back side includes an awning. The bed measures 4-foot-2 across by 6-foot-8 long in short configuration. Because the Space Camper’s leading edge starts just behind the Cybertruck’s peak, above the driver’s head, there’s plenty of open space in the tent from the foot of the bed platform to the tailgate. Or, extra mats can extend the tent’s bed length, creating a sleeping space that encompasses the Cybertruck full pickup bed length of 6-foot-6-inches on top of length of the rear cabin passenger area. Steps in the wings help reach the bed, magnetic LED lights keep everything visible as campers get tucked in, and the segmented bed mats can be set up for reclining. During the day, the segmented bed platform and mats can convert into a bench and desktop inside the pickup bed. And that’s only half the tent bed’s bag of convertible tricks.

The base Space Camper will come with interior and exterior lights, roof rails, four 110-volt outlets, 12- and 24-volt outlets, and USB ports. Space Campers claims aerospace-grade composites are used for construction, so the standard tent is black and costs $24,000. The options list includes a stainless steel armor option for $4,000 to match the Cybertruck aesthetic, or full stainless steel construction for $8,000. Elsewhere on the side dish menu are overlanding conveniences like a camp kitchen, collapsible shower and toilet, insulated tent walls, and a Back Rack with a kitchen, workspace, and storage that attaches to the trailer hitch.

It ain’t cheap, but if the Space Camper is built to the claimed spec and standards, then we think it beats the other options we’ve seen for the Cybertruck. Tesla showed its own built-in tent setup on the Cybertruck in 2019 that’s similar to the Space Camper, but Tesla never got into details. The Cyberlandr lives in the bed when folded up and starts at $54,995. 

Assuming all goes well with Tesla production, Space Campers says buyers will receive their tents about two months after their truck arrives. It can be reserved now for a refundable $100

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