Cadillac electric SUV, possibly with 3-row seating, shows up in spy photos

Last week, Cadillac announced that it would be revealing three new electric models. This week, these spy photos are giving us a sneak peek at what one of those models may be. It’s clearly a larger SUV than the Lyriq, with much more boxy dimensions. It doesn’t look quite as large or as truck-like as we’d expect of a possible electric Escalade. This seems more XT6-like.

The overall design looks a little like a blend of Lyriq and XT6. The nose is still relatively low with a flat hood, a bit like the Lyriq. The grille shape and slender daytime running light slots are also clearly based on the Lyriq and Celestiq, but taller to fit this SUV’s shape. The sides reveal flush door handles. The roofline and hatch are traditionally boxy to provide maximum cargo and passenger space, just like XT6. Interestingly, the taillights appear to be Escalade-inspired, running from the bumper through the rear pillars to the roof. There’s also one last Lyriq-related touch, and that’s the dark spoiler-like trim at the base of the rear window. Finally, a peek inside reveals the 33-inch instrument and infotainment display.

It seems probable that this SUV will be revealed sometime this year. It will probably get the same powertrain options as the Lyriq, with either a 340-horsepower single rear motor or 500-horsepower dual motors with all-wheel drive. It’s likely that additional battery capacity will be available compared to the Lyriq, but it’s hard to say if that will enable greater range, or just keep things even, since this new model will probably be less aerodynamic and heavier. We doubt it will completely replace the XT6 in the lineup, as there will certainly be internal combustion buyers for a number of years, but long-term, it’s probably the defacto successor.

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