Cadillac recalls 186 Lyriq EVs over touchscreen shutdown issues

Cadillac just released its first EV, the Lyriq, and it’s already issued a stop-sale order after an issue with the infotainment touchscreen. People often joke that early tech adopters are just unpaid beta testers for new products, and unfortunately, it seems a few EV buyers are finding that saying sometimes also applies to new vehicles.

Thankfully for Cadillac and its buyers, the Lyriq really is brand-new, so there aren’t many roaming the streets. The recall includes just 186 units, but we don’t have quarterly sales numbers to compare. Employees noticed a blank touchscreen in a Lyriq sitting at GM’s factory in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The automaker says that the system occasionally initiates software updates while the vehicle is parked, and if someone interrupts the process by opening a door, the screen can shut off.

General Motors opened an investigation on August 19 and expanded to include field data that found 16 related incidents in the wild. The last incident was reported on September 14, and the automaker made the decision to recall affected Lyriq models a day later. GM set out to identify Lyriqs with the issue and will hold vehicles at the factory until there’s a fix.

Cadillac’s current fix for the issue? Turn the vehicle off and on again (have you tried rebooting?). Seriously. A more permanent fix will come in the form of an over-the-air software update that will take place after November 7, when the automaker says it will begin notifying customers.

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